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Designs for Humanity

Discover how you are designed to move through your life, and become a witness to your own magic.

About Human Design

Human Design is a system that blends ancient wisdom and current science to offer a radical way to engage with the human experience - one in which the individual is invited to participate in a grand experiment of becoming their true self.

Your Human Design chart is your personal energetic blueprint for how to best direct your unique strengths and gifts towards living a life aligned with your soul's purpose. In a reading, we'll discuss practical tools you can use to navigate through your life, as well as how to honor your own energy and the energy of those around you. Each reading is a personal celebration of YOU, and can be tailored to discuss your current needs! 

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1/3 Sacral Generator

I have long been fascinated with the mystical, the magical, the meaning of life ... but for all of the beauty, wisdom, and healing I found in my esoteric engagement, I was still not living the life I wanted to live. I was a self-identified lifelong "seeker"; always searching for answers to questions I couldn't quite express.

When I found Human Design - or rather, when it found me! - and started experimenting with my own Design, I began to uncover my true self. I learned the joy of finding inward trust and genuine self-love, and I now relish each moment as an opportunity to creatively engage with the universe. 

Life need not feel like a struggle. If it feels like something is missing in your life, chances are - it's you! My purpose as a Human Design reader is to act as a guide and translator for those brave souls who wish to cast aside the path they have been conditioned into settling for, and consciously create a new one. 

Book a Reading

The best way to understand your chart and increase awareness of your Design is to book a reading. Please contact me below with any questions about which offering is right for you!

Human Design Reading


One Hour Reading

Whether you are completely new to Human Design or want guidance digging into the deeper layers of your chart, this one-on-one reading is designed with your energetic alignment in mind.

Human Design Couple's Reading


One Hour Reading

If you want to learn ways you and your partner, friend, or family member can better support each others' energetic Design, this couple's reading is for you!

Saturn Return Consultation Package


Three Reading Package

Your Saturn Return can be a tumultuous, exciting, and life-changing time. This package is designed to provide you with support during the beginning, middle, and end of this highly transformational period. 

Contact me with inquiries or to request a 15-min phone consultation!

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